What is family? What does family mean to me?  This past week I started school, (yes, it's already slightly stressful) and my class was asked this question. At first I thought, wow that's an easy one! Then I started thinking about my answer, really thinking about it, and realized that I didn't really have an…Read more Family

Am I here? 

I often find myself wondering if I am here enough. Not in the physical sense, but emotionally. Literally "being present" can only do so much, I want to stay present in my life, my relationships, and my experiences. I want my loved ones to know how much I love them, which is kind of silly…Read more Am I here? 

This is life

I start college in 11 days. How did that even happen, I feel like it was last week that I applied. To put it simply, I'm terrified. I am also extremely excited, but this is a huge change. I didn't give a shit in highschool, and I don't want that to be me again. Logically…Read more This is life

The ugly truth

If you know me, then you know that I have a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You will know that most days, it doesn’t affect me enough to show on the outside, but every once in a while, that tricky panic monster rears its ugly head and I am consumed by fear. If I am lucky, I…Read more The ugly truth