To my sister’s friends

Is it fair for me to jealous? To kind of wish you weren't friends in the first place? No, probably not. Just because she is my sister, doesn't mean she shouldn't have friends, right? You are her bestfriend, you make her laugh, she trusts you. Deep down, I know there is no friendship that could…Read more To my sister’s friends


“Don’t bully my breed”

To those who want to rid us of our family members... I'm not talking about family members in the traditional sense, I'm talking about our furry companions. Yes I absolutely consider my pets a part of my family. Yes there are a few "bully breed" type dogs in my family, and yes, I am extremely…Read more “Don’t bully my breed”


What is family? What does family mean to me?  This past week I started school, (yes, it's already slightly stressful) and my class was asked this question. At first I thought, wow that's an easy one! Then I started thinking about my answer, really thinking about it, and realized that I didn't really have an…Read more Family

Am I here? 

I often find myself wondering if I am here enough. Not in the physical sense, but emotionally. Literally "being present" can only do so much, I want to stay present in my life, my relationships, and my experiences. I want my loved ones to know how much I love them, which is kind of silly…Read more Am I here? 

This is life

I start college in 11 days. How did that even happen, I feel like it was last week that I applied. To put it simply, I'm terrified. I am also extremely excited, but this is a huge change. I didn't give a shit in highschool, and I don't want that to be me again. Logically…Read more This is life

The ugly truth

If you know me, then you know that I have a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You will know that most days, it doesn’t affect me enough to show on the outside, but every once in a while, that tricky panic monster rears its ugly head and I am consumed by fear. If I am lucky, I…Read more The ugly truth